Reasons to try silk products

The reason I reconsidered my life and work

During the spread of the new coronavirus, I had time to reevaluate my life and work.
At that time, I thought...
“Am I doing work that I can be proud of for my children?”
“Is there anything we can do for our roots in Japan?”
That's what it means.

Learn about the possibilities of silk through fashion work

Since I originally worked in fashion, I had many contacts with people who make raw materials and fabrics.
There, I learned about the current state and potential of the silk industry.

Current status of the silk industry

Before the war, Japan was the world's number one silk producing country.
There were 2 million silk farmers,
Reduced to 200 cases.

Much of it is covered by subsidies,
The reality was that the domestic industry was shrinking.

Possibilities of silk

However, I also realized that silk has many possibilities.
Compared to chemical materials, there is less of a burden on the environment during the production and disposal process.
In addition, it is not only used as fiber for clothing, but also
It can also be used in supplements, medical fields, and cosmetics, as in this case.
Additionally, by using it as a preservative, it can also contribute to food loss.


Fascinated by the possibilities of such wonderful "silk," I started my own company and am conducting research and product development while conducting sericulture.
Through this activity, we were able to "maintain and protect an environment where children can live in the future," which was the original idea.
"Reviving Japanese industry"
I hope to make this a reality.