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Features of SILCAT

  • kidney care

・Help absorbs and excretes waste products

  • diet

・Helps absorb and excrete cholesterol

  • Reduces and prevents urine and stool odor

・Adsorption of waste from the stomach and intestines & adsorption of ammonia

  • Reduce and prevent bad breath

・Adsorbs the cause of odor

  • Anti-Aging

- Antioxidant effect keeps teeth, gums, and internal organs youthful

  • Health-friendly ingredients and manufacturing process

GOTS certified organic silk, an international standard

・No chemicals such as preservatives are used in the manufacturing process.

・Made in Japan for safe processing

  • Ease of intake

・Easy to incorporate even cats who are sensitive to change!

・Tasteless and odorless

・Liquid supplement that just mixes with rice or water

・Less intake per serving

How to give/Usage/Capacity

  • Just mix it with rice or water!
  • For cats weighing 3 to 5 kg, take 1 bag/day.

For cats over 5Kg or with high BUN values, 2 bags/day (morning and night)

(Please adjust the amount depending on your weight.)

  • Can be used in combination with medicine. Possible because it is a natural protein (no side effects)

Product Details

Raw material name silk fibroin
Internal capacity 3g

Nutritional information display 1 package

(per 3g)

Protein 0.12g

Fat 0g

Carbohydrates 0g

Salt equivalent amount 0g

Silk fibroin 120mg (estimated value)

country of origin Japan

*No preservatives used

*Fragrance free

*No artificial coloring

*No chemical seasonings used

*Allergen free

(28 items such as allergenic raw materials are not used)


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