What is the patented silk fibroin aqueous solution?

Patented technology silk fibroin aqueous solution

Using patented technology, it is dissolved in water without destroying the porous structure of silk.
By making it into an aqueous solution, it is expected to be used in a variety of products.

The value of silk as a material

Silk produced from silkworms is called the queen of fibers.
A natural material that has fascinated people since ancient times.It has a beautiful luster and a gentle touch.
Cuts UV rays,
The ability to maintain a comfortable temperature and humidity for your skin is probably a well-known feature.
This feature is achieved by a component of silk called "polymer silk fibroin."

Also active in the medical field

This “polymer silk fibroin” is
It has long been used in the medical field as a surgical suture.
The reason is that
1: Silk is a natural material that has excellent affinity with the body and is safe. 2: Silk maintains a certain level of strength.

Other possibilities of silk

Due to the antioxidant properties of silk, it is expected to be used in cosmetics, supplements, and as a food preservative that is harmless to the body.
Also, speaking of this SILCAT,
Another great possibility is the utilization of nano-level porous structures, which are difficult to create artificially.

What are the advantages of porous structure?

In the case of fibers, by containing a lot of air,
It exhibits heat retention and moisturizing properties.
Regarding ingestion into the body, it is possible to adsorb thin invisible substances such as waste products into the fine pores.

Advantages of patented technology “Polymer Silk Fibroin Aqueous Solution”

In this case, when it is easy to ingest as a liquid or used in cosmetics, etc.
It was difficult to stabilize it when dissolved in water.
However, this patented technology maintains its porous structure even when dissolved in water,
This allows you to take full advantage of the functions of silk.